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The Double R Club
Performers Guidelines




adj. - having the same balance between the macabre and the mundane found in the works of filmmaker David Lynch.

a lynchian juxtaposition of perversion with americana.




So you want to appear at The Double R Club...

Well, we'd love to have you, we're always on the lookout for acts to unsettle, amuse and scare the bejeezus out of our audiences.

But we don't want the same old same old, we want you to surprise us, and to give us bad dreams...

Is your act Lynchian?

The following are key points that we consider when booking acts for The Double R Club, we don’t expect you to tick all the boxes, but an appreciation of our theme is a requirement.



  • Does the act use music from a Lynch film?

  • Are you immortalising a Lynch character?

  • Is you act frightening, haunting or a little scary? (but not gothic!)

  • Could you give our guests a feeling of unease?

  • What is different about your act?



When applying for a spot at The Double R Club, it would be helpful if you could send the following:


  • Website /  Facebook link(s)

  • Details of your proposed act, including music

  • Video link - do not send us files to download

  • Location



Do not tell us about your acts inspired by Tim Burton!


Previous Performers of The Double R Club, include:

Fancy Chance, Mat Fraser, Rhyannon Styles, Burly Q, Tricity Vogue, Joe Black, Dusty Limits, Jim Lavender, Rodent, Nathan Dean Williams, Keith Ramsey, Ruby Wednesday, Molly Beth Merrosa, Cheski Kobler, Tallulah Mockingbird, Craig The Incredible Hula Boy, Vicky Butterfly, Gemma Ray, Blanche Dubois, Bettsie Bon Bon, Abnormalik, The Caesareans, Lydia Darling, Emerald Fontaine, Agent Lych, ME, Snake Fervor, Des O’Connor, Pustra, Crimsons Skye, Kiki Kaboom, Em Brulee, Luna Rosa, Matt Ricardo, Akimbo Moonchild, Candee Handful, Anil Desai, The Hey La's, Curious Verses, Felicity Furore, Heavy Metal Pete, Hannah Finn, Alhoa Dead, Miss Annabelle Sings, Havana Hurricane, Snookie Mono, Chris Lyman, Eliza Delite, Chrisays, Laurence Owen, Carol Cates and many more.



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