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Cabaret & Burlesque host, compère, ringmaster and emcee FOR HIRE! Specialities: the anomalous, the deviant and the preternatural...


"[Louche] has an air of degraded lasciviousness, like a demonic update of the Compère from Cabaret.”"


A "fuckin' suave" Lynchian figment from behind the red curtain, your disreputable and aberrant host to The Double R Club and beyond…...


Available for bordellos, weddings, bar mitzvahs and children's parties, political assassinations, hoedowns, lowdowns, hostage situations, mexican standoffs, housefires, earthquakes, jumble sales, crime sprees and all of your common-all-garden end of the world scenarios.


Has performed at / compèred for The Double R Club... The London Burlesque Festival... Lucha Britannia... Torture Garden... Madame Jojos (R.I.P)... Sideshow... Leicester Square Theatre... London Zoo... Last Days Of Decadence (R.I.P.)... The Lowry Theatre, Manchester... Secret Rendezvous... The Twin Peaks UK Festival... Forbidden Cabaret...


"Part Alan Cumming, part Dr. Caligari, Louche handled the night with consummate skill and flair, well-deserving of his self-designated epithet: 'so fuckin’ suave'." 
- Erotic Review


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